Marketing Plan Coffs Harbour – Unlock your SEO Success using Content

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Marketing Plan Coffs Harbour – Unlock your SEO Success using Content

When it comes to your Marketing Plan in Coffs Harbour, you may find that people throughout the world seem to have a lot to say. If you have a product or a service that you think could make you great money online then use this idea and it will unlock very big doors in Coffs Harbour, (or even further).

Make content then develop more content, then when you are tired of that come up with some more. One simple tool to help your Marketing Plan is video. I don’t care what your budget is, create content. When I first began, I obtained some lights and a lapel mic for about $200 and created about 12 YouTube videos. I overcame my concerns about being in front of a video camera and put together a set of videos. They are not slick, or particularly fantastic, but they have made me at least a million dollars over the past 3 or 4 years. The number of people that say ‘I saw your video and decided I would give you a call is mind blowing’. The main reason I tell this story is – don’t just think content is the words you use on your site, it’s whatever you can create. Don’t underrate your knowledge. Be significantly straightforward in what you offer your prospective customers online. If you believe a basic landing page with absolutely nothing more than an image and a phone number is going to please your customers to make a buying choice- you are wrong. Your clients will just go to another site that will answer their questions and you will lose out. So content is king!

As the CEO of Internet Marketing Experts Coffs Harbour, I know the struggles that lots of people have when beginning off with their Marketing Plan. I myself ran a small business for a lot of years and had to learn SEO from scratch and by a ton of experimentation. So don’t forget to start off well-founded and use the details that you know. Once you have built that base, learn as much as you can about SEO and be patient with the end results. If you come to a point when you are unsure, or want to set your business apart from the rest, then think about having a chat to an SEO professional to boost your Marketing Plan. If you would like to talk to us, call on 1300 595 013 or visit,

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